Choosing the Perfect Unit

Storage Tips

August 10th, 2022

If you are moving, downsizing, renovating, or just have acquired too much stuff, the need for a self-storage unit may be on your mind. Choosing the best self-storage unit for your needs might seem like a daunting task, but with Store Stuff Inc we make it easy! We are here to assist in guiding you through the steps involved to obtain the perfect self-storage unit for you!

The three types of self-storage units you should know about are; climate control, non-climate control, and drive-up self-storage units.

Climate-controlled self-storage units are temperature regulated and ideal for items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures such as electronics, wooden furniture, and important documents.
Self-storage units that are non-climate controlled do not offer temperature regulation and are typically less expensive than climate control units. These units are best suited for items that can withstand wide temperature fluctuations. Some items that you may store in a non-climate-controlled self-storage unit include holiday decorations, outdoor furniture, and outdoor recreational items.
Drive-up self-storage units offer drive-up access to your unit, allowing you to pull right up like a garage. This type of unit is non-climate controlled and is similar to storing items in a garage or outdoor shed. Belongings such as lawn equipment, seasonal decorations, and even seasonal recreational items will do well in this environment.

Indoor units are located inside of the main storage building and require you to carry your belongings through the hallways and elevators or stairs to your unit. A lot of facilities offer dollies or carts to assist with this. Be sure to ask when you are shopping for your unit! Climate-controlled storage units are indoors and are temperature regulated for your items that cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Records, antiques, and documents we suggest storing in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Even though climate-controlled units tend to cost a little more than a non-climate-controlled units, it is worth knowing your belongings will be safe from extreme weather conditions.

Many people assume that items should be stored in a climate-controlled self-storage unit however, that is not always the case. There are a significant amount of items that will be perfectly fine in a non-climate-controlled unit or a drive-up unit. A standard self-storage unit or non-climate-controlled unit is easily comparable to a garage. One of the best ways to determine what unit is best for your belongings is to ask yourself if you would keep whatever you plan to store in a garage or shed for an extended period of time.

Some other factors to consider when deciding what type of self-storage unit is the right choice for you are the ease of access to your storage unit, the amenities of the facility, and the hours of access. Most non-temperature-controlled self-storage units offer drive-up access, whereas, for climate-controlled units, you will need to go into a building to access.

Drive-up self-storage units make loading and unloading your belongings a breeze! Like the name suggests you have the ability to drive directly to your unit as if it is your personal garage. This will eliminate the need for carts and elevators.

Climate-controlled units are cooler in the summer and offer some warmth in the winter for you to do what you need to with your belongings. Although it may take an extra step or two to get your items loaded and unloaded this is ideal for us to stay out of the elements as well as our belongings.

Choosing the right size storage unit “I’ll take the cheapest unit you’ve got!” or “The bigger the better!” are some common phrases we hear from our customers. Usually, this is not the way to go when choosing the correct size for your self-storage unit. Helpful questions to ask yourself when considering what size storage unit you may need are:

What am I going to put in the unit?
How often do I need to access my storage unit?
Do the items I am going to store allow me to stack them on top of each other in my unit?
Am I going to need some sort of shelving in my storage unit?
Will I need access to all of the items in my unit or am I going to “set it a forget it” for a while? Knowing this will help when you are ready to pack your unit. Our storage size guide can be of assistance in finding the correct unit size!

Store Stuff Inc has a team of expert managers to assist you with these and other questions. You may need two smaller units close by rather than one large unit and we can help determine what will make the perfect unit for you! You can rent online or call today to chat with one of our experienced staff members to choose the best self-storage unit for you!

Amenities can be a huge reason to choose one storage facility over another. To ensure you and your belongings are safe it is a good idea to choose a facility that is well-lit, has perimeter fencing, and offers the access hours you need.

Security is a deciding factor in the correct facility, when a self-storage facility limits access hours it can make monitoring the grounds easier and lower the potential for suspicious activity. Store Stuff Inc offers access hours from 6 AM - 10 PM. Although 24-hour access may seem like a convenient feature, think back to the last time you needed to access your storage shed at 2:00 AM. If that is not a common occurrence for you, 24-hour access may not be imperative to your storage needs. The majority of self-storage customers access their units during the day and have little need to access the facility after hours.

Store Stuff Inc offers convenient access hours and amenities such as keypad access, simple online payments and rentals, and on-site moving supplies.

Have Insurance, Just in Case

Once you have found the right facility and storage unit, it is time to discuss the added layer of protection - insurance. You can rely on your homeowner's insurance to cover your items while they are in storage but typically this will create a higher deductible. When renting a self-storage unit insurance is something you should make sure you purchase, some facilities require it. No one expects their belongings to be stolen or damaged but in the event that they are you will know you have the protection of insurance. Self-storage facilities often have plans through a third party starting around $10 per month and carry thousands of dollars in coverage. Be sure to ask the facility you are planning to rent with what their policies cost, what they require, and what the policy will cover.

At Store Stuff we know that searching for a self-storage unit can be stressful and we hope that providing some tips and tricks make your decision a little easier. For more information or assistance in choosing the perfect self-storage unit for you, call us today. Let Store Stuff put your mind at ease and provide a simple storage solution.